The Best Ways for Business Marketing

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Every business in the world tries to do the right marketing mix to ensure highs sales and customer satisfaction, however, some social scientists suggest that businesses should try different techniques rather than follow the four basic marketing mix. A business should not focus on the product, place, promotion, and price, it should focus on four other elements instead.

David Sklaver

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The concept of marketing mix was developed by McCarthy about half a century ago. More progressive marketing experts have observed that most of the newly launched products every year fail to produce the desired results. That is why the 4 main elements of marketing mix should be replaced by 4 different marketing techniques, representing customer solution, the cost to the customers, communication with the customer, convenience to customers.

1) Customers

One cannot simply develop products and then try to sell them to a mass market. You have to study consumer wants and needs and then attract consumers one by one with something each one wants. In most cases, manufacturers have to find out what people want and then build it for them, their way.

2) Cost

Producers have to realize that price measured in monetary terms is one part of the cost to satisfy. The seller or buyer, for example, has to consider the cost of driving to the restaurant, the cost of the conscience of eating meat, etc. One of the most difficult places to be in the business world is retailer selling at the lowest price. If you rely strictly on price to compete you are vulnerable to competition in the long term.

3) Convenience

You must think of convenience to buy instead of place. You have to know how each subset of the market prefers to buy products. On the internet, from a catalog, on the phone, using credit cards, etc.

3) Communication

One must consider communication instead of promotion. Promotion is somewhat manipulative since it is given by the seller. Communication, on the other hand, involves give and take between the buyer and seller. The seller needs to be creative and make advertising interactive through the use of phone numbers, website address etc. He must understand why the customers are with him.

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